Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Helpful movement

One cold morning as I was walking through the woods I heard the sound of flapping of wings. I was afraid I started following the sound nervously when I came near the sound I saw a bird. I wanted to help but I was conscious that his mother would not misjudge me to be a hunter. She was not around so I quietly picked the bird and said some soothing words. Then I took him out of the woods to my house .I could see how nervous he was. Then I took him to a vet doctor he applied some ointment and advised me to keep the bird for a week. I got him back to my house I fed him properly he became a good friend of mine after he recovered I decided to keep him with me at my house as my companion on second thought I felt that having him at my house in a cage would be like prison for him so I decided to send him back to the woods with a broken heart and let him fly.